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Fucking hot!


Fuck this guy can really deep throat!!! Effortless most of the time!!!

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Cumming from an intense spanking.


Hot clamping


received the rest of the photos from the time i met up with a hot master off of recon back in july. after flogging and fucking me and stretching my hole for a good two hours, he led me on all fours to the bathroom, sat me down in the corner, and locked a funnel to my mouth. i believe this was only my second time doing piss play, so i was a little nervous about being able to take his piss. i sat there blindfolded and waiting in anticipation. when i heard the sound of the piss filling the funnel, i braced myself. i was a little surprised that my mouth didn’t immediately fill with piss, but that surprise only last about two seconds when the pee finally made its way down the tube and poured over my tongue and down my throat. i struggled to keep up and i managed to not let any dribble out of my mouth. i gagged a few times but the piss kept on coming. there was no way out of this. i realized then that my dick was hard pushing up against my cock cage. i was a fag urinal. i was stripped of any humanity and was probably no more valuable than a toilet. i enjoyed it and i needed it. i stopped gagging and found the drive to keep on swallowing, and as the last drops trickled through i kept on sucking and inhaling through the funnel, thirsty for more. 

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